Energy Healing Classes in Colombo

What is Energy Healing?

ENERGY HEALING is part of Natural and Holistic Medicine. It is a “Sacred Art” that use “Universal Energy” to heal the patients living with all sorts of health conditions: physical or non-physical. “Energy” is the LIFE FORCE that keeps the body ALIVE. Energy Healing Treatments increases the sense of physical well-being and emotional stability to the people that are receiving a session, even if a beginner applies it. ENERGY HEALING decreases acute and chronic pains and speeds up the recovery from many physical and mental illnesses.

ENERGY HEALING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM. It aims to train and certify ADVANCE THERAPISTS. The participants will review the advance technique and will learn to utilize them in an optimal way. They will also learn a new set of more advance techniques that will broaden their capacity to heal more complex patients. This level comprises of a 2-FULL Day training plus the accomplishment of an Energy Healing Treatment Plan applied on a predetermined number of patients. The participants will have to document their treatments with a detailed explanation of the protocols followed and the outcome of the treatment plan.

The pre-requisite to follow a LEVEL is to have completed the previous one and LEVEL 1 has no pre-requisite. Each level is taught in a distinct workshop, covering sets of theory, techniques, and practices. Participants may want to review one LEVEL and attend it a second time. They could enroll for these at a reduced cost. Each level will be taught over a two-day period, during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays – see the CALENDAR paragraph below) from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

To register call one of these numbers:

• Ms. Rizana, Global Academy for Further Education (English/Sinhala/Tamil): 072 077 8600

• Mr. Nilu Fernandopulle (English / Sinhala): 077 791 5858

• Dr. Francois Tessier (English / French): 077 550 2255