The government is investing heavily in international students. Financial support is an important factor in the decision to study abroad and the Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding opportunities to attract international students, including more than 40,000 scholarships at 277 institutions.

While you are going through the application process, you can choose multiple university at the same time. Our consultants will help you to choose the best university, and our Student Service Team will assist you to prepare and submit the required documents.

Once Chinese universities have received your applications, we will regularly update you about which phase your case has been processed. We are responsible for getting admission information from universities and informing students the admission decision online.

1. Plan

The first step for study in China is to make a plan. You’ll need to consult professionals and collect China’s universities information to choose the best university for you.

2. University

After you have chosen your school, you need to apply for it. Application fee, Service fee will be involved in this stage. You also need a quite accessible service to keep up with the process of your application so you can make according to adjustments in time.

3. Visa

Once you are accepted by China’ university, you can apply for the visa for China. It can be easy if you find a third party to do it, but you will be charged for an amount of money which should have been smaller.

4. Preparation

It seems pre-preparation is not a big deal because it won’t make too much difference. But the lack of experience and information will also lead a waste of money.

5. Arrival

Actually, the “real cost” just begins when you have arrived in China. You need to pay for airport pick up, food, ride, hotels and every other thing for living in China. Our local consulting service will help you with daily life in China

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