The number of international students as May 1, 2017 is 267,042 persons. Increase by 27,755 persons (11.6%) compared with the result of last year.

Higher education institutions: 188,384 persons (increase by 17,262 persons(10.1%))
Japanese language institutes: 78,658 persons (increase by 10,493 persons(15.4%))

The number of international students during the fiscal year 2016 is 299,742 persons. Increase by 34,488 persons (13.0%) compared with the result of last year.

74% of international students having the “College Students” status of residence are working part-time, a large portion works in the food service industry, followed by sales and marketing, teaching / research assistant, hotel receptionist, hall staff at a restaurant and others. The hourly wage varies according to type of work and location but those working in food services are getting about JPY 800 to JPY 1,200 an hour. Assuming that the maximum of 28 hours a week is fully used up to work; their earning will be around JPY 22,400 to JPY 33,600. To work part-time, you must first obtain the permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted from the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau. Upon obtaining this approval you may work part-time under the conditions that

※ A persons entering Japan for the first time who are granted “College Student” status with the permitted period of more than 3 months may apply for the “Permission to Engage in Activities other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” at the port of entry during the issuance of permission of landing.
※ Working part-time without having necessary permission, exceeding the permitted number of hours or working outside of the permissible scope of status of residence will get you penalized and/or deported.