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In the early 20th century, a standard form based on the Beijing dialect, with elements from other Mandarin dialects, was adopted as the national language.

GAFE is an language school that offers quality and professional mandarin language course to help people who are interested in learning the Mandarin(Chinese)language. In our school, all our students are taught by professional teachers to communicate in Mandarin(Chinese) language proficiently. Our teachers are also passionate about teaching Mandarin, which makes them all the best to teach students the language and guide them to their best allowing students to excel at the language program fast and at the same time making every class a fun and enjoyable experience. As they are also proficient in the English language, you can be assured that lecturers at GAFE who teaches Mandarin would be able to explain any questions that you may have during the lessons. To ensure that our students will be learning professional Mandarin, our classes are taught based on accredited syllabus produced in China.

As a professional Language School, Our comprehensive Mandarin Language courses are suitable for all ages to meet your necessary learning needs. Our Chinese classes are taught in regards to cater for your academic learning. You can reach out or contact us today to learn more about what courses we offer and how our services can aid you to make better decisions.

Your progress of learning will be recorded carefully, so student could learn according to their phase, which mean every student will learn individually and teacher will also teach individually group by group according to their level and progress.Therfore whether you are either a slow or fast learner, you have no need to feel pressure if others were to progress faster or that you have to wait for others so that you could learn faster.

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With our comprehensive Mandarin(Chinese) lessons, you can gain and learn knowledge of communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese professionally and fluently. Hence we want our students to learn the language more efficiently, classes are very interactive and dynamic, with even role-playing sessions. Our lessons can also benefit corporate organisations that would want to send their staffs for training, and individuals or expand their reach to the foreign markets by easily learning our language.

Currently our language school is based in Colombo, but we would be looking forward to expand in the future. Call 0112823286 or WhatsApp 94727127003 today to learn more about what we offer, and how you are able to benefit from us. Our staff would happily answer your questions.