University Program In Canada

High school Students

Are you right after Ordinary levels(Olevels) and would like to either go abroad to complete your high school or perhaps are you looking for a path to complete your formal education? Pre-University Programs are equivalent to a High School Diploma which is the Formal education of 9-13 Of Sri Lankan standard education. If so hurry up and contact us for a free consultation on 0720778600.

“I love growing up in Canada. It’s a great place to grow up, well because – well at least where i grew up – its very multicultural. There’s also good health care and a good education system” – Ryan Gosling. (Inspirational Canadian actor)

What is this program called?

Its commonly referred to as “High School Diploma” since it covers all the essential aspects of the last 2 years of high school essentials that are required by many different universities, though the program can also be called Pre-University Program, UP (University program) etc.

What is a Pre University Program?

Some students who may have completed or half completed A/Levels or right after O/Levels and is thinking of applying to univeristy but may not be eligible due to not having a high school education can opt in for the university preparatory course in canada which is designed for students so they could obtain the necessary knowledge in the daily life in a university.

Age requirement

The Student has to be 17+ and only up to 26. Before 17 or after 26 would not be applicable to take part in the program.

Duration of study?

The program is conducted for a duration of 1 Year.

Minimum education qualification?

The student should have a recognized Ordinary Levels education from either a government or a private awarding body from Sri Lanka or abroad.

Is IELTS for this program?

No, this program does not IELTS. Hence students would not be asked whether or not they have taken IELTS examination.

What language is the program taught in?


How long can you work?

Within the first year of working you can earn upto 70000$ and if you plan to continue with your studies you can work while studying for another 2 years which is in total of 3 Years(During these 2 years, the student must study for the first year).

How long till your eligible for PR?

PR(Permanent Resident would be given only if the student has actively taken part in studying for complete 2 years without any study gap.

What can i do after this program?

You can apply for any education institute or university directly with no questions asked.

What difference does it make?

The beauty of studying in Canada is that while studying you can work as well, but simply working is not it, You can earn and cover up your expenditure along with earning extra hundreds of dollars along with your studies. Its a Win situation for you where you can fulfill your high school dream abroad and earn at the same time. This point you can simply loss nothing at all.

As a Sri Lankan student you are also able to study in Canada for a long time while being eligible to live there and even explore other areas when living in Canada itself.

This program is well suited for students from Sri Lanka.

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