Student Counsellor

If you’re interested in working in Higher Education and want to help others plan for their future

The primary role is to assist Students with the preparation of necessary College or University entrance documentation and ensure that these students are meeting all requirements to enter a College or University upon graduating. You’ll provide information, advice, and guidance to Undergraduates and Postgraduate students and Graduates through individual interviews and group work.

You’ll help clients to assess their values, interests, abilities, and skills and relate these to opportunities for employment, further study, and training. Your work will help clients to make informed decisions, develop strategies and career plans. You’ll also advise on how clients can present themselves effectively at interviews and cope with the transition from HE to employment.


As an adviser, you’ll need to:

  • provide individual, face-to-face interviews with students and graduates
  • offer a drop-in service, where students and graduates can have a short interview about their needs
  • provide email, telephone or Skype advice and guidance
  • use a range of technology and social media, e.g. Twitter, Skype or webinars, to contact students and graduates
  • work with groups of students and graduates on specific topics such as preparing for interviews or choosing the right path
  • advise students on CVs, cover letters and interviews and hold mock interviews and application form reviews
  • organise programmes of workshops featuring external speakers, such as University Representatives from partner Institutes.
  • organise programmes of employer-visits, careers fairs and other events.


Salaries vary depending on the institution you work for, your experience and qualifications, your level of responsibility and the nature of your role